Overview of Facilities & Policies

The NGI library aims at providing access to its printed resources such as books and journals as well as electronic journals and online databases primarily for the use of faculty and staff at NGI. Its holdings should reflect their interest largely. The library stock is increasing at a rate of approximately 1,000 books a year. The library also subscribes to over 50 current periodicals and to a range of electronic journals and databases. The library is supervised by a committee consisting of the librarian and three members from the faculty. The day to day running of the library is conducted by the librarian who is assisted by the library staff and trainee. The library holdings will be checked annually by the library staff.

Collection Development

Any member of NGI may recommend the purchase of a desired or relevant book to the librarian. Books from vendors on approval will be available in the library from time to time. All members are encouraged to peruse the titles in display and make recommendations. Recommendation forms are available at the library counter. Selected new books will be on display and are reserve for a period of two weeks before being available for general circulation. Any member may recommend a new journal subscription. The library committee will decide based on input from faculty, available funds and academic need. The readership/use of the journal will be determined throughout the year by the library staff and will be used to help to make decisions on subscription.

Circulation of Materials

Members may check-out books or journals during working hours and should sign out the items at the library counter. A member may have a maximum of four books and two bound journals checked-out in their name at any time. The books are issued out for a maximum of two weeks and then they may be renewed if no reservations on the items indicated. Bound journals may be issued out for a maximum of two days. If a request for an already issued item is received the librarian may ask for the item to be returned to the library. The minimum period before a return can be requested for books is five days and the bound journal is one day.

Books and journals on reserve may not be checked-out. The librarian on instructions from the concerned course instructor may place books and journals on reserve. Fines will be charged on late return of journals and books. The amount that will be charged will be available with the librarian. Amount collected through fines and replacement charges will be used for the library requirements. Books and journals borrowed from the library may not be taken outstation unless special permission is given.

 Computers in the Library

The library offers at presently 10 User Computers that are on the NGI network for users to access the internet, online journals and other databases. The computer facilities are provided for academic work only. Users should not use the facilities for non-academic work includes email, web-browsing, etc. Users are not permitted to install any software or programme in any of these PCs.

Role of the Library Staff in Helping Users

During normal working hours, the librarian and other library staff will assist the users. They will also assist in obtaining necessary reference material for individual users from other institutions. The library will provide necessary services to obtain personal subscription or book purchases through teaching/book grants for faculty and students. Reprints both personal or for reference can be ordered through the library. The cost incurred for these services is charged to the individual or the grant concerned.

Code of Conduct

  1. No loud conversation or group discussions are allowed in the library.
  2. Laptop computer if used in the library must have their own power and cable connector.
  3. No food or drink is allowed in the library.
  4. Borrowing materials without a valid membership/identity number is prohibited. No one will be permitted to use another member ID no./name to borrow materials.
  5. Do not reshelf books, periodicals, etc. Leave them on the tables properly after use.
  6. Please take your personal belongings with you when exiting the library. The library is not responsible for any item left in the library.
  7. Do not attempt to install any unauthorised software on the PCs.